Kneeling Chairs – Office Working, The Buddhist Way

kneeling buddhaThough everyone’s first thought when looking at a kneeling chair is how uncomfortable the sitter must be, the kneeling chair has actually proven to be more relaxing than regular office chairs. Designed especially to reduce lower back strain and help people with tailbone pain function better especially when in their working hours, it takes the normal design of the ergonomic office chair and gives it a Buddhist twist.

Though in a normal chair, a person’s sitting position is at a 90 degrees angle, the kneeling chair has the person sitting with his or her thighs at an angle of 60 slash 70 degrees. Though initially some muscle strain is felt and you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable about sitting in that position, the real fact is that your body is just making itself acquainted with actually finding a relaxed position.

Studies show that spinal shrinkage is less of a problem for people who use kneeling chair than it is for those who sit in regular office chairs and have their weight distributed unevenly. Not only that but they also align your spine correctly, whereas normal chairs do not.

The downside to kneeling chairs is that while the right one can do wonders for your muscles as well as your back, it is important to make sure that the chair is built according to ergonomic specs. A kneeling chair that has too steep an angle for example, can make your back pain worse instead of alleviating it.

Finding the most affordable version to a kneeling chair is quite easy if you keep in mind everything that was mentioned above. All you need is an Internet connection, your favorite browser and a few easy to write keywords: cheap kneeling chair. An entire array of affordable and up to spec kneeling chairs await you at the press of the “enter” key!

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